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  • Introduction
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  • Introduction

    Welcome to the Verifai implementation documentation. If you have any questions that are unanswered you can always contact our support.

    This documentation will continue to expand as we add extra services.


    Because everyone had a different use case we provide a broad spectrum of SDKs so you can engineer you own solution.

    Mobile SDKs

    There are a few flavours available:

    Desktop SDKs

    There are a few flavours available:

    Server classifier and OCR

    We also offer a serverside solution. So you can run the software on your GPU cluster as well to process a lot of documents. It is all REST API driven so you should be able to be up and running in no-time!

    The OCR solution is optional. Not for every usecase it is important to be able to read the data on the document. If you do require it we have a similar service that does just that.

    You can access the services directly, or use a server SDK.

    Server SDKs

    Combined with the serverside classifier you can build all kinds of workflows. The SDKs communicate with the Verifai Serverside Classifier and the Verifai backend. The use of the Verifai Serverside OCR is optional.

    Instead of a licence you need to have a token to authenticate with.

    Other solutions needed

    Please open a ticket when you need a feature, of support for your custom platform.